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Essay in English | Essay Writing On A Festival : ‘ Diwali

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Class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th (All Other Class)
Chapter( Lesson) Grammar
Topic Essay writing |  Essay On Diwali Or My Favorite festival
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A Festival : Diwali

Essay On Diwali -Essay writing | Essay in English | Essay Article Writing Topics- This English essay can also be asked on this topic, if this topic comes then the same essay will have to be written like- Diwali Or My Favorite festival , A Festival : ‘ Diwali ‘ Deepawali, Your Favorite Festival, An Indian Festival etc. 

Outlines –

1 . Name of the Festival ,

2. The time of celebration ,

3. Preparation for the festival ,

4. How I celebrated ,

5. Conclusion .

  • Name of the Festival –

The name of the festival is Diwali . It is famous festival of Hindus . It is celebrated throughout the country with great pomp and show . It is known as the festival of lights .

  • The Time of Celebration –

Deepawali festival is celebrated in the month of Kartika . Generally it falls in the month of November of every year . Some people believe that Rama returned to Ayodhya after killing Ravana , the king of Lanka , on this day .

So people lighted earthen lamps in their houses to welcome Rama . Some people believe that the demon Narkasur was killed by Lord Krishna . According to Jainism Lord Mahavir got salvation on this day .

  • Preparation for the Festival –

Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and show . Houses are cleaned and white washed . Different kinds of decorations are made before the festival . On the very day houses , shop and temples are illuminated with earthen lamp and electric bulbs .

  • How I Celebrated –

This year , I enjoyed Diwali with great joy . I cleaned my house and got it white washed . All the doors and windows were painted , balloons , beautiful pictures and flowers were used to decorate the house . I enjoyed delicious feast at evening . The whole house was illuminated with earthen lamps and electric bulbs in the night . I let off fire works with my friends .

  • Conclusion –

Diwali is one of the famous festivals of India . It reminds us lord Rama and Lord Mahavir . But there are some social evils associated with the festival . Some people drink and gamble on the day of Diwali . It is bad custom , we should try to remove these evils .

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