UP Board solution of English Chapter 1 UP Board Class 12th Flamingo Chapter I My Mother at Sixty Six (Poetry) Book in English & Hindi Medium-gyansindhuclasses

UP Board solution of English Chapter 1 UP Board Class 12th Flamingo Chapter I My Mother at Sixty Six (Poetry) Book in English & Hindi Medium-gyansindhuclasses

UP Board solution of English Chapter 1 UP Board Class 12th Flamingo Chapter 1 My Mother at Sixty Six (Poetry) Book in English & Hindi Medium- gyansindhuclasses. Written By Kamla Das. Up Board English For Hindi & English medium students.

Based On Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad New NCERT Syllabus . Board Class 12 English Book Solutions. Class 12 English Poetry. Board Book PDF for class XII.  

Chapter I My Mother at Sixty Six (Poetry)

Chapter I My Mother at Sixty Six (Poetry)

Central idea 

The poem starts with the journey of the poet with her mother to Cochin on the morning of last Friday. The poet noticed her mother sitting beside her, who was dozing and open mouthed and her face was colorless like ashen and corpse. At that, the poet realized that her mother had grew old but soon separated those thoughts. And outside, there seemed young green trees, enjoying children.

Then reached airport and standing far looked her mother, found wan, colorless like winter’s moon and old pains and childhood fear returned but the poet said to meet soon and while parting continuously smiled.


1.Driving from my parent’s

home to Cochin last Friday

morning, I saw my mother,

beside me, doze-open mouthed,

her face ashen like that

of a corpse.

  1. From where was the poet driving and when?
  2. The poet was driving from her parent’s home to um Cochin last Friday morning.

Ans-  What was the poet’s mother doing in the vehicle?

  1. The poet’s mother was dozing keeping her mouth 2. opened in the vehicle.

Ans-  How was the face of the poet’s mother looking Sel like?

  1. The face of the poet’s mother was looking like a corpse.
  2. Name the poem and poet of these lines.

Ans-  The name of the poem is ‘My Mother at Sixty-six’ The name of the poet is Kamala Das.


(2) pair and realised with

that she was as old as she

looked but soon

put that thought away,

  1. What did the poet realise after seeing her mother’s face?

Ans-  After seeing her mother’s face, the poet realised sts that she (her mother) was as old as she looked.

  1. What did the poet feel with realisation?

Ans-  With realisation, the poet felt the pain.

  1. What did the poet put away?

Ans-  . The poet put that thought (the thought of her mother’s oldage) away.


(3).and looked out at Young

Trees sprinting, the merry children spilling

out of their homes, but after the airport’s security check, standing a few yards

away, I looked again at her.

1-What did the poet see outside the vehicle?

Ans-   The poet saw young trees sprinting, the merry children outside the vehicle.

2.What happened at the airport?

Ans-  At the airport, security check was done.

3.What did the poet do at the airport?

Ans-  At the airport, the poet again looked at her mother standing a few yards away.


(4) wan, pale

as a late winter’s moon and felt that old

familiar ache, my childhood’s fear,

but all I said was, see you soon,


all I did was smile and smile and smile ….

  1. How was the poet’s mother compared?

Ans-  The poet’s mother was looking wan, pale and she was compared with a late winter’s moon.

  1. What did the poet feel?

Ans-  The poet felt that old familiar ache, her childhood’s fear.

  1. What did the poet do at the time of farewell?

Ans-  At the time of farewell, the poet only said that she would see Amma soon and she (the poet) remained only smiling till the end.

Objective Questions (MCQ)

1.The narrator is only using her smile to:     

   (a) cover up her pain(✓)

   (b) make herself happy

   (c) to make her mother happy

   (d) to make her father happy

2.Smile and smile and smile is :

   (a) alliteration  mother

   (b) repetition(✓)

   (c) simile  

   (d) metaphor

3.The narrator again compared her mother too:

   (a) summer’s sun

   (b) rain clouds

   (c) late winter’s moon(✓)

   (d) trees and plants

4.’Trees sprinting’ is a poetic device. It is :

   (a) personification (✓)

   (b) alliteration

   (c) repetition

   (d) simile

  1. The poetess says her mother looked pale like a :

   (a) corpse (✓)

   (b) ghost

   (c) malnourished child

   (d) anaemic person

6.The person in the car, beside the poetess, was:

   (a) her aunt

   (b) her niece

   (c) her uncle

   (d) her mother(✓)

7.She was going to :

  (a) Goa

  (b) Mumbai

  (c) Cochin (✓)

  (d) Kolkata

8.Kamala Das was a :

  (a) Bengali

  (b) Punjabi

  (c) Keralite (✓)

  (d) Gujarati

9.Whose house the poet was leaving?

  (a) her friend’s house

  (b) in-law’s house

  (c) her husband’s house

  (d) her parents’ house(✓)

10.Why does the poet feel parted, upset and sad?

   (a) because of her fears

   (b) because she was getting late

   (c) fear of missing her flight

   (d) because of her duty towards mother and her own needs(✓)

  1. Quote an example of personification used in the poem.

   (a) sprinting trees(✓)

   (b) home to Cochin

   (c) airport’s security check

   (d) All of these

12.Which Rhyming scheme is used in the poem?

   (a) coupled rhyme

   (b) monorhyme

   (c) Alternate rhyme

   (d) free verse(✓)

13.Why did the poet look at her mother again?

  (a) because she was busy

  (b) because she was going away

  (c) because she wanted to stay back

  (d) because of fear and insecurity(✓)

14.What is the universality of the theme of the poem?

   (a) death is a truth (✓)

   (b) Life is a reality

   (c) everyone is happy

   (d) to show old age

  1. Which poetic device is used in “Trees sprinting-“?

   (a) metaphor

   (b) simile

   (c) alliteration

   (d) Personification(✓)

  1. Name the poetic devices used in the poem.

  (a) metaphor

  (b) simile

  (c) alliteration

  (d) all of these(✓)

  1. What is the kind of pain and ache that the poet feels?

  (a) Losing her mother(✓)

  (b) heart attack

  (c) headache

  (d) children screaming at her

  1. Who is the poet of this poem?

  (a) John Keats

  (b) Rudyard Kipling

  (c) William Wordsworth

  (d) Kamala Das(✓)

  1. What pangs did she feel when she looked at her mother?

  (a) Pangs of headache

  (b) Pangs of stomachache

  (c) Pangs of knee pain

  (d) Pangs of heartache(✓)

20.What was the poet’s childhood fear?

  (a) Parting from her husband

  (b) Parting from her friends

  (c) Parting from her siblings

  (d) losing her mother(✓)

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