UP Board solution of English Chapter 5 UP Board Class 12th Vistas Chapter V Should Wizard hit Mommy (Supplementary Reader) Book in English & Hindi Medium-gyansindhuclasses

UP Board solution of English Chapter 5 UP Board Class 12th Vistas Chapter V Should Wizard hit Mommy (Supplementary Reader) Book in English & Hindi Medium-gyansindhuclasses

UP Board solution of English Chapter 5 UP Board Class 12th Vistas Chapter V Should Wizard hit Mommy (Supplementary Reader) Book in English & Hindi Medium-gyansindhuclasses Written by: John Updike. Up Board English For Hindi & English medium students.

class 12 english Based On Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik shiksha Parishad New NCERT Syllabus . Board Class 12 English Book Solutions. Class 12 English Vistas Supplementary Reader. Board Book PDF for class XII

Chapter 5 Should Wizard hit Mommy

Short Answer Type Questions

Q1.When did Jack start telling stories to his daughter Jo and what was his problem?

Ans.Jo’s father Jack used to tell her a story in the evenings and for Saturday naps. This custom began when Jo was about two but now she was four years old. Thus, he had been telling her the stories for the last two years.

Q2. What was the basic tale told by Jack?

Ans.Each story would have a same basic tale and it would come out from Jack’s own-head. In each tale there would be a small creature, usually named Roger (Roger fish, Roger squirrel, Roger chipmunk etc.). It would have some problem and a wizard would solve that problem.

Q3.Who was the wizard? What was his role in the story?

Ans.The Wizard is the character in Jack’s stories who usually presents the solution to whatever problem Roger is facing. He does this by performing a magic spell that reverses predicament, making Roger happy.

Q4.What hatred did Roger Skunk face by other animals? Why?

Ans.Roger Skunk’s faces racial segregation. He smells very bad. It is not his fault. But the other animals of the forest do not come near him and they refused to play with him.

Q5. Who was Clare? Why was Jack worried about her?

Ans.Clare was wife of Jack and mother of Jo. Jack was worried about Clare as she was moving heavy furniture in the room below where Jack was sitting. As she was six months pregnant with their third child it won’t be good for her health to do hard labour.

Q6. How did Roger Skunk get seven pennies?

Ans. The Wizard told Roger Skunk to go to the end of the lane and turn around three times and look down the magic well and there he will find three pennies. Roger Skunk had already find four pennies, and by the advise of Wizard he got three pennies. In this way he arranged seven pennies.

Q7.Why did the mother of Roger Skunk go to the wizard?

Ans.Roger Skunk’s mommy was very enraged at the changes made in the smell of Skunk. She resented it sternly. She took an umbrella in her hand and went to see the Wizard. She hit the Wizard right over his head. He changed Roger Skunk into its foul smell. Now Roger Skunk had no smell of roses and he began to smell very bad again.

Q8.How did Jack finally end up the story?

Ans.Jack’s story ends with Roger Skunk returning home with his mommy and his daddy coming home from Boston. And when Roger Skunk was in bed his mother hugged him and he smelled like before again. Also his friends accepted him the way he was.

Q9.How was Clare busy? What did Jack want to do at last?

Ans.His wife Clare was busy in painting the household items and Jack felt himself caught in an ugly middle position, and though he as well felt his wife’s presence in the cage with him, he did not want to speak with her, work with her, touch her, anything.

Long Answer Type Questions

Q1. Describe the basic tale told by Jack to his daughter Jo in the lesson ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy’?

Ans. Each of the stories told by Jack had almost the same plot line-there would be some creature he would have certain problem, he would go to wise old owl. The wise old owl would send him to a Wizard and Wizard would solve the creature’s problem. In this story also that a Skunk named Roger Skunk was very annoyed at the smell of his body. His body emitted a very foul smell. No other creature would like to play with him.

He went to the wise old owl. The owl told him to go to the wizard. The Wizard gave him smell of roses. He became very happy. He played with his friends. But when he went to his home his mother became very angry. She asked him as to who give him that smell. The Skunk replied that it was the Wizard. The mommy took the Skunk to the Wizard. She hit the Wizard with her umbrella. The Wizard gave back again the Skunk his foul smell.

Q2. Who was Roger Skunk? How was Jo seemed attached deeply with this character? Why?

Ans. Roger Skunk is the creation of Jack. It is a little black animal that smelled very bad. When ever he would go out to play with other animals they would tease him. All the animals would run away from leaving him quite alone. They would call him stinky Skunk. According to Jo, neither Roger Skunk nor the Wizard was wrong in the story.

Jo refused to accept the end where Roger’s mother hit the Wizard and that too without being hit back. She wanted the story to end with the Wizard hitting back the mother Skunk with his magic wand on her head. In actually the vision of children are quite different from the elders.

Q3. Who was the Wizard? Why did he live alone? How did he use to do magic and why?

Ans. Wizard was a tiny little old man with a white beard. He had magical powers. The Wizard lived alone because he was very old and he had not married. He did not have any lady to clean his house.

Q4. Who was Clare? How was she busy during the story session? What did Jack feel at her condition and what did he want to do?

Ans. Clare was wife of Jack. Clare had spread the newspaper and opened the paint can and wearing an old shirt of his on top of her maternity smock, was stroking the chair rail with a dipped brush, when Jack saw. The wood work, a cage of moldings and rails of baseboard all around them, was half old tan and half new ivory and he felt caught in an ugly middle position and though he as well felt his wife’s presence in the cage with him.

Q5. What is the moral issue that the story raises?

Ans.The story raises the moral issue of understanding between parents and children. The parents should properly understand their children’s feelings as well as their whims. Then children should also know that their parents are more experienced than they, and they would do everything only in their interest. The children should learn to be proud of their natural qualities. They should know that one should not lose one’s originality and identity.

Both the parents as well as children should try to understand and respect the view point of each other. If the Sermon taught in the story is imbibed by both parents and children in the true sense, it can solve an umpteen number of problems on the familiar front. But, this understanding and respect generally seems missing in parents as well as children. This is the moral issue the story raises.

Q6. How does Jo want the story to end and why?

Ans.Jo wants the story to end in different way than that narrated by her father. She wants that the Wizard should hit Roger Skunk’s mommy in the end. She wants this for she takes that mommy to be stupid who made her son smell bad again. She want that mother Skunk should be punished for her wrong decision. She considers Roger Skunk to be the hero of the story. If Roger Skunk emanates bad odour, his friends will desert him and on this point, she has already shed tears when Roger Skunk was humiliated by his fellows in the forest.

In her childish world, there is no place for ugliness and foul smell, so her hero can never be stinky. She wants him to smell like roses, and therefore, hates his mommy. She takes her to be a villain who does not let her son smell sweet. She wants the story to end in a happy way with the villain being punished. That’s why she asks her father to repeat the story the next day, the way she wants.

Q7. What makes Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position?

Ans. Jack is of the view that one must keep one’s originality. Our original qualities make us distinct among a group. So we must be happy with the way we have been made by God. His four-years-old daughter represents children’s thinking. She thinks in her own childish way. He (Jack) wants all ugliness is a part of reality. But in his daughter’s world, beauty is the only reality. With this mindset, he comes downstairs where his wife is painting the house furniture. Jack is tired and he watched her working amid the paint cans lying all around. Jack thus feels caught in an ugly middle position as if his wife was with him in a cage.

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and their Answers

Q1. What is Jo a short form of?

(a) John

(b) Joe

(c) Joanne (✓)

(d) Jane

Q2.Jo wanted…in the story the next day (a) skunk to smell of roses

(b) skunk mommy to relent

(C) wizard to hit mommy (✓)

(d) animals to love skunk

Q3.Mommy Skunk was..with the wizard?

(a) angry(✓)

(b) pleased

(c) indifferent

(d) civil

Q4. What did mommy skunk call the smell of roses?

(a) Pleasant

(b) Unusual

(c) Heavenly

(d) Awful (✓)

Q5. How many times did the wizard ask Roger to turn at the end of the lane?

(a) 2

(b) 3(✓)

(c) 4

(d) 5

Q 6.What did Roger Skunk want to smell like?

(a) Roses (✓)

(b) Lilies

(c) Lavender

(d) Jasmine

Q7.Jack felt being______ suited him

 (a) an old man(✓)

(b) an Owl

(c) a Skunk

(d) a kid

Q 8.What is a crick?

(a) A hill

(b) A little river(✓)

(c) A park

(d) A dress

Q9.Jack’s wife is called

(a) Mommy

(b) Clare (✓)

(c) Roses

(d) Jill

Q10.Roger’s daddy returns home from…

(a) New York

(b) Boston(✓)

(c) Washington

(d) Reading

Q11.When the problem is solved…..is demanded

(a) fee(✓)

(b) happiness

(c) nothing

(d) food

Q12.He is advised to go to the… ..

(a) Mommy

(b) Wizard

(c) Owl(✓)

(d) Skunk

Q 13….was Jo’s brother

(a) Roger (✓)

(b) Bobby

(c) Skunk

(d) Jack

Q 14.Jo is now nearly years old.

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4(✓)

(d) 5

Q 15.’Should Wizard Hit mommy?’ is a… .. within a story.

(a) story(✓)

(b) digression

(c) metaphor

(d) moral

Q16. What does a 4 years old child symbolise in the story?

(a) innocence(✓)

(b) smartness

(c) obstinacy

 (d) none

Q17.Why does Jo’s father has a different opinion from Jo?

(a) because Jo is a child

(b) because he has a mature thought

(c) he doesn’t go by facial expression

(d) All these (✓)

Q 18.Why did Roger want to change his smell?

(a) because no one liked him

(b) none was ready to play with him.

(c) he smelt very badly and it made people cry

(d) All these (✓)

Q 19.Where does Jo prefer to live?

(a) in the world of friends

(b) in the school of swings

(c) in her world of dreams and fantasies(✓)

(d) none

Q 20. Why did Roger visit the wizard?

(a) to learn magic

(b) to gossip

(c) to get rid of his mother

(d) to seek advice to get rid of foul smell (✓)

Q21. How many pennies did Roger have to pay?

(a) 7 pennies

(b) 6 pennies

(c) 8 pennies

(d) 4 pennies(✓)

Q 22.What advice did the wise owl give to Roger Skunk?

(a) to visit his friends

(b) to think deeply

(c) to consult his mother

(d) to consult the wizard(✓)

Q 23.How does Jo want the wizard to behave with Roger’s mother?

(a) nicely

 (b) politely

(c) rudely

(d) She wants the wizard to hit her(✓)

Q 24. What did Roger want to smell like?

(a) marigold

(b) Sunflower

(c) Jasmine

(d) Rose(✓)

Q 25.Why does Jo call Roger’s mom stupid?

(a) because she doesn’t listen

(b) because she is stupid

(c) because it is because of her action that Roger start smelling bad again (✓)

(d) none

Q 26. How did Jo want the story of Roger Skunk to end?

(a) wanted to punish Roger’s mother (✓)

(b) wanted to hit her

(c) wanted to kill her

(d) wanted to beat her

Q 27.How did the wizard help Roger Skunk?

(a) by using magic wand

(b) by chanting

(c) by helping him get rid of foul smell

(d) All these(✓)

Q 28. Who is the author of the lesson?

(a) John Updike (✓)

(b) John Donne

(c) William Blake

(d) John Williams

Q 29.What do adult people signify in the story?

(a) maturity and experience (✓)

(b) wise words

(c) cruelty

(d) indifference

Q30.What is the moral of the story?

(a) Parents are wise and know what is best for them(✓)

(b) mothers should not interfere in their children’s affairs

(c) mothers are cruel

(d) children are cute and right

Q 31.What is different about Roger’s story?

(a) Jo had a different opinion from her father(✓)

(b) this was more interesting

(c) it had a wizard

(d) none

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