English Model Paper 2022- Class 12th UP Board Viral Model Paper UPMSP

UP Board English New Syllabus Model Paper 2022

English Model Paper 2022- Class 12th UP Board Viral Model Paper UPMSP- Every student can download the UP Intermediate Model Paper 2022. UP Model Paper 2022 for 12th Class, UP Question Paper 2022 for Intermediate Pdf Download. UP Board 12th Model Paper 2022.

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English Model Paper 2022- Class 12th UP Board Viral Model Paper UPMSP

UP Board Exam-2022 (Based On New NCERT Syllabus )

Class 12th (English) Model Paper-2022

Time : 3 hr 15 mins                                                    Max Marks-100

General Instructions :

  1. The first 15 minutes are allotted to the candidates for reading the question paper.
  2. All questions are compulsory.
  3. Marks are indicated against questions.

Section A (Reading)

  1. Read the passage bellow and answer the questions that follows-

It is only if we have character that freedom will produce happiness for the millions of our country. Character is not merely a copy-book ideal. It is the wisest national policy that can be conceived by any statesman. It is only if we have character that all things will work. Otherwise, not only freedom, education and the universities but the whole constitution will be mere waste paper. Hence the emphasis on character that has to be formed by the best type. I welcome the growing number of the girls in schools and colleges because it means that the schools and colleges are carried bodily into families. We will not need to multiply universities if only our mothers are all university products. Then every home will in itself be a university. All boys and girls that have to be looked after will be looked after from the earliest stages in the home by a worthy principal, namely the mother of the family. Do you then doubt the evaluation and 1 make that every girl graduate is worth five boy graduates taking the average of a family to be five?

We are in very serious times, because we are free. If we had not got freedom, the task would have been less serious. In the olden days, our task was only to fight, towrest freedom, enthuse one another and carry on the work. That was easy, as we know, but now that we have freedom and the entire burden of the future structure of our country is on our own shoulders, we must be as true in our conduct and thoughts as a brick that supports a building is true.

We can deceive one another, but can we deceive dynamics? Can we deceive the laws of nature? If bricks are not good and if they are not laid properly, the building will collapse, whatever may be engineers words or promises. In the natural structure we are dealing with, deception has no place.

Questions-  4 x 3 = 12

  1. According to the narrator, what is the prerequisite for producing happiness for the masses after gaining independence?
  2. Why does the narrator lay so much emphasis on education of girls?
  3. Why does he say that before gaining independence our task was simpler?
  4. Why, according to the narrator, is being free a more serious state?
  5. Vocabulary : 3 x 1 = 3

Find words from the passage which mean the following:

(a) Just, only

(b) Form or devise a plan or idea in mind.

(c) Increases in number or quantity.

Section B (Writing)

2. The English language has acquired a privileged position in India. It has caused the neglect of other Indian languages, including Hindi. Is there a need to pause and reflect on the situation? Write an article, in about 100-150 words, expressing your views on the same. Sign yourself as Sushmita. (10)


You are Somya, member of the School Heritage Club. You were shocked to see poor living conditions of villagers in a remote village in your district. Write an article in about 150 words for a local newspaper discussing the problem and measures that can improve the unhygienic and unhealthy conditions of villages.

3.Write a letter to the Editor of Times of India regarding frequent breakdown of power. (10)


Write a letter to the Health Officer complaining against insanitary conditions of the locality you live in.

Section C (Grammar)

4. I. (i) Change any one of the following sentences into indirect form of speech. (2)

(a) His father said, “Bravo! you have secured distinction in three subjects.”     

(b) The teacher said to me very angrily “Why have you come?” “Have I not told you, never to see your face again.”

(ii) Combine any one of the following sentences as directed within the brackets.  (2)

(a) He ran so quickly. He soon overtook his father. (Into Complex sentence)

(b) Premchand wrote ‘Godan’. He was a great story writer. (Into Simple Sentence)

 (iii) Transform any one of the following sentences as per

 the directions given in the bracket. (2)

(a) It is time to look into the matter. (Passive voice)

(b) As soon as the teacher entered the class, the students stood up. (Negative)

(iv) Correct any one of the following sentences. (2)

(a) Mr. P.K. Roy is a M.P.

(b) Why are you afraid from him?

(v) Use any one of the following idioms/phrases in your own sentences so as to make their meanings clear. (2)

(a) To set store by

(b) To deal with

II (i) Choose the synonyms of the following words. (2)


(a) Enforce        (c) Annul

(b) Sanction      (d) Permit



 (a) Bombastic       (b) Petite

 (c) Conventional (d) Erroneous

(ii) Choose the antonym of the following words from the following options. (2)


(a) Adamant    (b) Certain

(c) Arrogant     (d) Cowardly



(a) Sanction     (b) Confirm

(c) Disapprove (d) Uphold

(iii) Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks in the given sentences. (2)

It was custom to ………… is in presence of an elder. the face whenever a woman

(a) Vale          (c) Veil

(b) Wail          (d) Vail


The ………………of a snow clad mountain in exciting.

(a) Cite             (b) Site

(c) Sighed        (d) Sight

(iv) Choose the option that contains a one word  substitution for the given phrase.  (2)

 An act of renouncing the throne

(a) Almanac       (b) Abdication

(c) Amphibian   (d) Biopsy


A person who can use both hands equally well

(a) Ambidextrous      (b) Avaricious

(c) Actuary                   (d) Anarchist

(v) Choose the option that best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase.

(2) Gird up the loins

(a) To not be ready to face people’

(b) To be ready for a battle

(c) To not be ready for a confrontation

(d) To get ready to deal with something


To hear on the grapevine

(a) To hear a rumour about something

(b) To get genuine information

(c) To hear something astonishing

(d) To hear about an unknown fact

  1. Translate the following into English. (5)

आशा के बिना मानव जीवन असम्भव है। यदि आशा न होती तो मनुष्य का जीवन बड़ा बोझिल और दुखमय हो जाता । विद्यार्थी साल भर कड़ा परिश्रम करते हैं केवल इसी आशा पर कि वे सफलता का मुख देखेंगे। एक किसान घोर उष्णता और शीत का तनिक भी ध्यान नहीं करता। इसी प्रकार • व्यापारी लोग व्यापार में धन लगाते • केवल इसी आशा का आश्रय लेकर ताकि उनका व्यापार उनके लिए लाभकारी सिद्ध हो। तभी तो बुद्धिमान तथा महापुरुषों ने आशा को मानव रूपी जहाज का सम्बल कहा है।

Section D (Literature)

6. Answer any two of the following questions. (4+4=8)

(a) How different was the scene in the classroom on the day of the last lesson?

(b) Describe the irony in Sahib’s name.

(c) What did Douglas experience when he went down to the bottom of the pool for the first time?

7. Answer any one of the following questions. (7)

(a) Why did the ironmaster invite the peddler to his home? Why did the latter decline it?

(b) How did the court scene at Motihari change the course of India’s struggle for freedom?

8. (i) Read one of the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow.

I saw my mother, beside me,

doze, open mouthed, her face ashen like that

of a corpse and realised with pain

that she was as old as she looked but soon

put that thought away, ……………………

(a) What worried the poetess when she looked at her mother? (2)

(b) What worried the poetess when she looked at her mother? (2)

(c) Identify the figure of speech used in these lines? (2)


(ii) Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

On their slag heap, these children

Wear skins peeped through by bones and spectacles

of steel

With mended glass, like bottle bits on stones.

(a) Which image is used to describe the poverty of these children? (2)

(b) What sort of life do these children lead? (2)

(c) Identify and name the figure of speech used in line3. (2)

9. Give the Central Idea of one of the following poems. (4)

(a) Keeping Quiet

(b) A Thing of Beauty

(c) Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

10. Answer any two of the following questions. (4+4=8)

(a) Why did the narrator talk to a psychiatrist friend of his and what did he say about the third level?

(b) What made the chief astrologer place his finger on his nose?

(c) How did Antarctica amaze the writer when she first saw it?

11. Answer any one of the following. (7)

(a) How did Dr Sadao resolve the conflict in his mind between his loyalty to his country and his duty as a doctor?

(b) At the end of the storytelling session, why does Jack consider himself ‘caught in an ugly middle position”?

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