Class12 English One Word Substitutions- MCQ – Online Test

Class12 English One Word Substitutions- MCQ – Online Test

Class-12 English One Word SubstitutionsMCQ – Online Test – Practice English MCQ Class 12. Class12 English Multiple Choice Questions are an important part of ncert English up Board English class 12th.

What is One Word Substitution? One Word Substitution simply means using a specific word replacing a wordy phrase or sentence and making it shorter, concise and clearer to understand. 

Practice English MCQ Class 12

1. All illness in which waste matter is emptied from the bowels much more frequently than normal and in liquid form


2. An animal living on flesh of other animals.


3. That which can be believed.


4. A person who talks too much about himself.


5. A system of government in which all the voters of a country can vote to elect their govt.    


6. One who does not believe in the existence of God.


7. One who loves books.


8. Ruler who has absolute authority.


9. One who believes in fate


10. A person who is out to destroy all government law and order.


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