UP Board solution of English Chapter 4 UP Board Class 12th Vistas Chapter IV The Enemy Pearl (Supplementary Reader) Book in English & Hindi Medium-gyansindhuclasses

UP Board solution of English Chapter 4 UP Board Class 12th Vistas Chapter IV The Enemy Pearl (Supplementary Reader) Book in English & Hindi Medium-gyansindhuclasses

UP Board solution of English Chapter 4 UP Board Class 12th Vistas Chapter IV The Enemy Pearl (Supplementary Reader) Book in English & Hindi Medium-gyansindhuclasses Written by: S. Buck. Up Board English For Hindi & English medium students.

class 12 english Based On Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik shiksha Parishad New NCERT Syllabus . Board Class 12 English Book Solutions. Class 12 English Vistas Supplementary Reader. Board Book PDF for class XII.

Vistas Chapter IV The Enemy Pearl

  1. The Enemy Pearl 

Short Answer Type Questions

Q1 Who was Sadao? Where was his house situated?

Ang. Dr. Sadao Hoki was a famous Japanese surgeon and scientist. He completed his study of medicine in America. He lived in a house which was built on the Japanese Coast. The house was surrounded by pine trees.

Q2. Why was Sadao sent to America and why was later kept in Japan?

Ans. The General considered Dr. Sadao indispensible. He felt that his life could be saved only by him, as he was very skilled. General also does not trust anyone except Dr. Sadao. So he was not sent do the battle field.

Q3. What did Hana and Dr. Sadao see out of the mist? What did they think?

Ans. Both of them saw something black come out of the mists. It was a man. He was flung up out of the ocean, flung it seemed, to his feet by a breaker. He staggered few steps and fell. Both of them thought that it was a fisherman perhaps.

Q4. Who was the wounded person? What was happened to him?

Ans. The wounded person was an American soldier. He was badly wounded and the sand on one side of him had already a stain of red soaking through. On the right side of his lower back Sadao saw that a gun wound had been reopened.

The Enemy Pearl

Q5. Who was Yumi and what did she say?

Ans.Yumi was the caretaker of the kids and a maid in Sadao’s house. When Hana told her to wash and clean the wounded soldier she refused to do so.

Q6. How did Dr. Sadao operate the white man?

Ans.Sadao had to perform an operation to take bullet out of the body of American soldier. The soldier was given anesthetic. Dr. Sadao felt the tip of his instrument with some hard object. It was a bullet. Then Dr. Sadao took out the bullet with cleanest possible manner.

Q7.How did the youngman (American) wake up? What did he say first?

Ans.The youngman woke, so weak, his blue eyes so terrified when he perceived where, he was. He asked Hana, how did she know English.

Q8. Why did the messenger come to Dr. Sadao’s house and who sent him?

Ans. The massenger came to Dr. Sadao because Dr. Sadao was called by the General because he was in pain again.

Q9. Who was the General? Why did he call Dr. Sadao?

Ans. General Takima was an old and selfish General of Japan. He was very cruel. But he cares only about himself. He needs services of Dr. Sadao therefore knowingly ignores the issue of American soldier. He called Dr. Sadao as he was in pain again and he was under treatment of Dr. Sadao.

Q10.What did the General promised with Dr. Sadao? What had happened then?

Ans.General promised Dr. Sadao that he would not let him come in trouble. He will send assassins your’s home and they will kill the American soldier. Moreover they will remove the body also. But in actually assassins had never came and Sadao himself managed to get rid of the problem.

Q11.Why did Dr. Sadao save the life of the war prisoner, an American being a Japanese doctor?

Ans.Sadao was a doctor. He had been trained to save every life he could. He was true to his profession. Dedication to his profession prompted to save the soldier’s life, though he belonged to his enemy country.

Q 12.Was Dr. Sadao a traitor or a patriot? Explain?

Ans. Dr. Sadao is full of finer values of humanity, As a doctor he saved the life of American soldier. In this way Dr. Sadao was able to maintain his professional loyality. But Dr. Sadao was patriot from core of his heart. Therefore he wrote a letter to the authorities about it and put it in his drawer. He even told the General about American soldier.

The Enemy Pearl

Long Answer Type Questions

Q1.Who was Dr. Sadao? How did he meet Hana and married to her? Who played an important role in their marriage and how?

Ans.Dr. Sadao was a famous Japanese surgeon and scientist. He was perfecting a discovery to make wounds completely clean. Both Hana and Sadao lerne met at the professor’s house Sadao started liking Hana. Though professor’s wife was very voluble yet yoor they were kind people and Sadao started living there as a paying guest. Sadao told his father about sobre his love for Hana. His father first confirmed that she #360T was pure of Japanese race. Then they were married. Thus we can say that the American professor and his wife proved instrumental in bringing Sadao and Hana together.

Q2.How did Dr. Sadao save the life of the American war prisoner? How did his wife Hana help him in that act and what was the reaction of the servants and why? Explain.

Ans.As a doctor Dr. Sadao was trained he should never let a person die if he could help. Thus it was nothing unpatriotic on part of Dr. Sadao. He even told Hana that wounded person should be operated. Dr. Sadao had to perform an operation to take bullet out of the body of American soldier. The soldier was given anesthetic. Dr. Sadao felt the tip of his instrument with same hard object. It was a bullet.

Then Dr. Sadao probed with his fingers and tookout the bullet with cleanest possible manner. Hana helped her adhusband in the operation she herself washed to American soldier. While Sadao performed the operation. Hana helped him in giving the anesthetic. She acted as a nurse while her husband was performing operation.

Q3.Who was the General? Why and how was Dr. Sadao closed to him? How did he promise to help Dr. Sadao? Was his promise fulfilled? Why or why not?

Ans.General Takima was an old selfish General of Japan. He was very cruel. But he cared only about himself. He needed services of Dr. Sadao when Dr. Sadao told the General that he had operated upon the MNE prisoner and saved his life, the General praised him das a Doctor and appreciated Dr. Sadao’s unparalleled skill in surgery. He was ill and might need an operation any time. Sadao was the only Brute doctor whom he trusted for his health. So he said vanan that he would not let Sadao be arrested on the charge of sheltering an enemy.

He had apprehensions about his own health, Sadao was HINE condemned to death. So he cared much for Sadao. en He proposed that he could send his private Is assassins to Sadao’s house. They would secretly kill the prisoner and remove his body altogether from his house.

Thus, Sadao would get rid of the prisoner. In actually, the assassins had never come. So the promise of general was not fulfilled. The general forgot about his promise which he had made to Sadao. So, Sadao himself arranged to get rid of American Soldier.

Q4.There are moments in life when we have to make hard choices between our roles as private individuals and as citizens with a sense of national loyalty. Discuss with reference to the story you have just read.

Ans.The story ‘The Enemy’ is about the dilemma faced by a Japanese doctor. An enemy soldier is washed up by the sea and comes at his doorstep. He is an American prisoner of war as is identified by the cap he is wearing. Now, being a loyal Japanese, Dr. Sadao should hand over the man to the police. But the man is badly wounded. This appeals to the doctor’s sense of obligation towards his profession.

Now he has to make a choice whether he should fulfil his duty as a doctor or as a patriot. He recalls the principle of his profession that he must save a life if he can. He behaves accordingly. He takes the man inside his house and operates upon him.

He takes good care of the man by way of regular medical checkups, ministration and food. Here he chooses being a doctor first, and saves the life of an enemy soldier. Inspite of the fact that it can put him arone into trouble, he saves his enemy’s life and also manages to send the man out of Japan. In this way he succeeded in betraying neither.

The Enemy Pearl

Multiple Choice Questions and their Answers

Q1.The recovering soldier was fed by

(a) Sadao

(b) Sadao’s servant

(c) Yumi

(d) Hana(✓)

Q 2. Sadao removed the bullet from close to soldiers

(a) heart

(b) liver

(c) kidney(✓)

(d) lungs

Q3. The wounded soldier belonged to

(a) The Russian army

(b) U.S. Navy(✓)

(c) The British army

(d) The Japanese army

Q4. The soldier had been

(a) stabbed

(b) shot(✓)

(c) beaten up

(d) slapped hard

Q5. Sadao and his wife had

(a) two children (✓)

(b) one child

(c) three children

(d) no children

Q 6. Sadao met his wife in

(a) Japan

(b) China

(c) America (✓)

(d) India

Q7.Sadao went to America to learn

(a) psychiatry

(b) surgery and medicine (✓)

(c) music

(d) fine arts

The Enemy Pearl

Q 8.The name of the main character in ‘The Enemy’ is

(a) Dr Huen Tsang

(b) Dr Sadao Hoki

(c) Dr Chung Wa bel

(d) Dr Hao Chi

Q 9.How many children Dr. Sadao has?

(a) 4

(b) 5(✓)

(c) 3

(d) 2

Q 10. At what age Dr. Sadao went to America?

(a) 22

(b) 32

(c) 12

(d) 42(✓)

Q11.Where did Dr. meet Hana?

(a) in Japan

(b) in his neighbour

(c) in the battlefield

(d) at professor Harley’s house in America(✓)

Q12.What does this chapter revolve around?

(a) war

(b) war between Israel and America

(c) war between Malasia and America

(d) war between Japan and America(✓)

Q13. Why did Dr. Sadao go to America?

(a) to meet the soldiers

(b) to meet his friends

(c) to travel

(d) to study surgery and medicine which was his father’s wish(✓)

The Enemy Pearl

Q 14. Why did Dr. help an enemy soldier?

(a) because he was an ethical and sincere doctor(✓)

(b) because he was his friend

(c) because he knew him.

(d) none

Q15.Why did the servants leave Dr.’s House?

(a) Because he was wounded doctor

(b) because he was dirty

(c) Because he was an American Soldier and they didn’t like him(✓)

(d) All

Q 16. What kind of person The General was?

(a) a kind hearted

(b) a wise man

(c) a selfish man(✓)

(d) none

Q 17.Why did the messenger come to the doctor?

(a) to meet him

(b) for checkup

(c) to inform about the General’s pain(✓)

(d) All these

Q18.Who was Dr. Sadao?

(a) An Iranian doctor

(b) An American doctor

(c) A Japanese doctor

(d) None

Q 19.Who is the author of the lesson The Enemy?

(a) Pearl S. Buck

(b) Dickens

(c) D.H.Lawrence(✓)

(d) None

Q 20.At what age he came back to Japan?

(a) 20(✓)

(b) 40

(c) 50

(d) 30

Q21. What did Dr give to the soldier?

(a) his boat

(b) food to eat

(c) flashlight to use in distress

(d) All these(✓)

The Enemy Pearl


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