UP Board Solution of Class 12 English Vistas (Supplementary Reader)  Chapter 6 On the face of It – Book for English & Hindi Medium -Gyansindhuclasses

UP Board Solution of Class 12 English Vistas (Supplementary Reader)  Chapter 6 On the face of It Book for English & Hindi Medium -Gyansindhuclasses

UP Board solution of English Chapter 6 UP Board Class 12th Vistas Chapter VI On the face of It  (Supplementary Reader) Book in English & Hindi Medium-gyansindhuclasses Written by: Susan Hill. Up Board English For Hindi & English medium students.

class 12 english Based On Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik shiksha Parishad New NCERT Syllabus . Board Class 12 English Book Solutions. Class 12 English Vistas Supplementary Reader. Board Book PDF for class XII


Chapter 6 On the face of It

  1. On the Face of It

Short Answer Type Questions

Q1. Who was Mr. Lamb? How did Derry come in his contact?

Ans. Mr. Lamb was an old man with a tin leg. His real leg was blown off years ago during the war. He lived in a big house and he had no family. As Derry was walking through Mr. Lamb’s garden, he felt the place isolated. So he got into the garden by climbing over the wall. In this way he got into his contact.

Q2.What did Mr. Lamb say to Derry on his coming into his garden?

Ans. The attitude of Mr. Lamb towards Derry was quite gentle, protective and accommodating. Like an elder in the family giving advice and instructions to the younger members. Mr. Lamb advices Derry to mind the apples lest he should trip. He also advices Derry not to feel afraid.

Q3. How old was Derry? Why people were afraid of him?

Ans. Derry is a fourteenyear boy. One side of face is burnt due to acid. People look at his face and call it terrible thing. They call it the ugliest thing they ever saw. So according to Derry people were afraid of him.

Q4. How was Derry’s face burnt?

Ans. He got acid all down that side of his face and it burnt ent to b it all away. And since then it was like that and it would never be any different.

Q5.How was Mr. Lamb a disable person? What happened to him?

Ans.Mr. Lamb lost one leg in a war. There is a tin leg in its place. The children would mockingly call him Lamey-Lamb. Also, no one ever comes to see him. People have spread many stories about him.

Q6.What did Mr. Lamb tell about his bees?

Ans. Mr. Lamb wants to say that for those who love very music, those bees sing a sweet song aliter they are only murmuring. Through these lines Mr. Lamb wants to say that we should not look at thoughts of As the people, we must do our work, people will comment as it is duty of world to comment.

Q7. Why was Derry impressed by Mr. Lamb?

Ans. He has got friends everywhere though kids call him “Lamey-Lamb”. He prepares toffee for children. Thus Derry realizes positive and productive attitude of Mr. Lamb towards life. So, he was impressed by Mr. Lamb.

Q8. What did Derry find when he reached to Mr. Lamb’s garden?

Ans. When Derry reached Mr. Lamb’s garden he saw Mr. Lamb with crab apples. He was surprised to find Mr. Lamb lying dead on the ground.

Long Answer Type Questions

Q1. Who was Derry? What was his problem? What behaviour had he to face from others? What had his thinking been?

Ans. Derry was a boy of fourteen years old, who is withdrawn and defiant because of burns and scars one side of his face. Derry carries a conviction that people do not feel comfortable while looking at his face. He thinks people avoid him. He thinks that no body likes his company or loves him. He feel that people do not accept him as a part of the society. He suffers from inferiority complex due to his burnt face. People constantly reminded him of his ugliness and so he stayed away from them. He felt he was too ugly to be liked and loved by anyone so he became recluse. People said that it was not important what he looked like. Derry knew that people lied and showed sympathy only to comfort him and that he would not change and would continue to look like monstrous beast.

Q2. Who was Mr. Lamb? How was he a disable person? How did he treat Derry?

Ans. Mr. Lamb was an old man who lived alone in his house. No one comes to him to see Mr. Lamb is retired from the Army. He has lost one of his leg in war. He has a garden. Kids call him Lamey-Lamb. People have spread stories about him. He has a tin leg. Mr. Lamb tells Derry that he, like others, has two eyes, two ears, two legs, two arms, brain and a tongue. He can do or achieve whatever he likes. In this way Mr. Lamb tries to remove baseless fears of Derry. He also tries to overcome his feeling of loneliness by watching, listening and thinking. He o had no curtains on windows because he loves natural light. He finds no difference between flowers, trees, herbs and weeds. It is by such thoughts that he tries to explain Derry.

Q3. Give a character sketch of Mr. Lamb.

Ans.Mr. Lamb is an important character in the lesson “On The Face of It”. He has a tin leg. He lived alone and kept the door of his garden always open. He knew the art of living. He was a man with positive attitude. He brought a major change in Derry’s attitude towards life as he was full of negativity due to scar on his face. Mr. Lamb told him to meet people happily and learn to be happy with himself. Mr. Lamb was lonely person. He used to get happiness by spending time with others and reading books.

Q4. Give a character sketch of Derry.

Ans.Derry is a 14 years old young boy whose face is half burnt because of acid spill on it. His ugly look made him a pessimist and a loner with various negative complexes. Derry was always introverted, frustrated, angry and withdrawn. Moreover, he always had a low confidence and dwelled in self pity apart from always being suspicious about other’s intentions towards him.

Multiple Choice Questions and their Answers

Q 1.How far is Derry’s house from Mr Lamb’s?

(a) A mile

(b) 2 miles

(c) 3 miles (✓)

(d) 4 miles

Q 2.The boy’s name is but he prefers:

(a) Dennis

(b) Derek (✓)

(c) Derham

(d) Derrain

Q 3.Derry felt Mr Lamb said things:

(a) peculiar(✓)

(b) sad

(c) funny

(d) profound

Q4.Derry didn’t like people :

(a) being friendly

(b) being afraid of him (✓)

(c) being affectionate

(d) being sympathetic

Q5. How old is Derry?

(a) 13

(b) 14(✓)

(c) 15

(d) 16

Q 6. Mr. Lamb feels one must… .

(a) survive

(b) struggle with disability

(c) live fully(✓)

(d) look for sympathy

Q 7.One side of Derry’s face was

(a) marred by scars

(b) had spots

(c) was darker

(d) burnt by acid(✓)

Q8.Why did Derry enter Mr Lamb’s garden?

(a) He wanted to see the flowers

(b) He wanted to see the bees

(c) He wanted to steal crab apples

(d) Out of curiosity(✓)

Q9.What complex does Derry suffer from?

(a) superiority

(b) oedipus

(c) inferiority(✓)

(d) All these

Q 10. What did Derry learn from the fairy tale?

(a) how to look beautiful

(b) how to make friends

(c) learnt to love and appreciate himself

(d) All these (✓)

Q11.Why did Derry like to be alone?

(a) because of burnt face

(b) because he couldn’t bear with people’s comments

(c) because of inferiority complex

(d) All these (✓)

Q 12.Why did Mr. Lamb keep the door of his garden open?

(a) to let the people come in

(b) to get fresh air

(c) to avoid opening the door again and again

(d) to have fine contact with the outer world and enjoy(✓)

Q 13. How did Derry burn his face?

(a) in a fire

(b) with a gas stove

(c) hot water

(d) acid burnt his face(✓)

Q 14.Why did Mr. Lamb call Derry blessed?

(a) because he was young

(b) because he had a mother

(c) because he had friends

(d) because except a burnt face he had a perfectly healthy body(✓)

Q 15. Why did Derry go to Mr. Lamb at the end?

(a) because of his wish to live a free life(✓)

(b) he wanted apples

(c) he wanted to play in the garden

(d) none

Q 16. How did Mr. Lamb pick apples?

(a) bending down

(b) with the help of his servant

(c) with the help of children

(d) using a ladder and a stick(✓)

Q 17. Why did Derry go to Mr. Lamb’s garden?

(a) to steal apples

(b) to speak to Mr. Lamb

(c) to help the old man

(d) to feel that place  (✓)

  1. 18. Why did Mr. Lamb help Derry?

(a) because both were victims of war

(b) both were sad

(c) both were victims of physical impairment

(d) because he wanted Derry to change his view of life.(✓)

Q 19. Who is Mr. Lamb?

(a) a young man

(b) a middleaged man

(c) an old man(✓)

(d) none

Q 20.Who has written On The Face Of It?

(a) Susan Hill(✓)

(b) William Sydne

(c) Salman Rushdie

(d) Chetan Bhagat

Q 21.How was Mr. Lamb happy inspite of his disability?

(a) because of his acceptance of it

(b) because he was wise

(c) because he had grown old

(d) All these(✓)


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