UP Board Solution of Class 10 English -NCERT English New Syllabus of UPMSP- Book Solutions- gynsindhuclasses

UP Board Solution of Class 10 English -NCERT English New Syllabus of UPMSP- Book Solutions.

Class 10 English- UP Board Solution of Class 10 English- UP Board Books Class 10th English Solution for upmsp exam new syllabus with PDF Downloads and MCQ questions based on OMR Sheet- up board new pattern. Class 10 English

Class 10 English

Section (A) Literature

FIRST FLIGHT (Prose, Poetry)

FOOTPRINTS WITHOUT FEET (Supplementary Reader)

  1. Chapter-1 A Triumph of Surgery (James Herriot)

  2. Chapter-2 The Thief’s Story (Ruskin Bond)

  3. Chapter-3 The Midnight Visitor (Robert Arthur)

  4. Chapter-4 A Question of Trust (Victor Canning).

  5. Chapter-5 Footprints Without Feet (H. G. Wells)

  6. Chapter-6 The Making of a Scientist (Robert W. Peterson)

  7. Chapter-7 The Necklace (Guy de Maupassant).

  8. Chapter-8 The Hack Driver (Sinclair Lewis).

  9. Chapter-9 Bholi (K. A. Abbas)

  10. Chapter-1 The Book That Saved the Earth (Claire Boiko)

Class 10 English- GENERAL ENGLISH (Grammar)

  1. Unseen Passages.
  2. Letters and Applications

  3. Story Writing

  4. Descriptive Paragraph Writing (Essay Writing)

  5. Report/Article Writing

  6. The Sentences

  7. Parts of Speech.

  8. Affirmative, Negative and Interrogative Sentences

  9. Active and Passive Voice

  10. 10. Filling the Correct Forms of the Verbs 

  11. Non-Finites

  12. Direct and Indirect

  13. The Clause

  14. Determiners

  15. Punctuation and Capital Letters

  16. Correction of Sentences

  17. Word Formation

  18. Spelling

  19. Translation (From Hindi to English

Class 10 ncert English for up board

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